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We make it easy to choose and apply the colours and palettes in the digital drawings of your building. With the CP5 colour plug-ins, you can easily create your own colour palettes, download them and apply them to your digital drawing in AutoCAD or Revit. To help you increase the value of your assets and ensure satisfied occupants, we have also pre-selected contemporary colour palettes for you ready to be downloaded. Do you prefer having the entire digital fandeck for AutoCAD and Revit at your fingertips? Look no further and download it here with the CP5 colour plug-ins.

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The gentle honey tones of this palette help buildings to offer calmness to their surroundings.


The simplified exterior palette helps public buildings to convey a quiet authority in their environment.


The stimulating tones of the exterior Love palette are designed to be noticed by those that pass by and to beckon them in: to be stimulating but also welcoming,


The bold, vibrant colours in this simplified exterior palette make a dynamic impact in their surrounding environment.