Use warm and inviting colors to improve hospitality spaces

Boosting hospitality spaces with Dulux Professional Colour of the Year 2023

The Flow palette, made up of seashore tones, taps into the rhythms of the natural world – the seasons, the tides, the cycles of life – for a fluid, balanced feel. Research shows that creating a connection with nature can help enhance relaxation[1] so these calm, natural colors can create an inviting scheme in a hospitality space.

To attract customers into their premises, hospitality businesses need to create warm, inviting spaces where people want to come together and relax.

The joyful colors in the Buzz palette, inspired by the bustling diversity of a wildflower field, are perfect for adding warmth and energy to a space. Combined with Dulux Professional Colour of the Year 2023, Wild WonderTM,they can create the ideal setting forpeople to connect and collaborate.

These four color schemes using Dulux Professional Colour of the Year 2023, Wild WonderTM, and the Buzz and Flow palettes can bring value to hospitality buildings by creating environments where visitors want to get together and relax.

A joyful, harmonious space

Dulux_CF23_Colour_of_the year_Hospitality_Specifiers_1

The warm, upbeat pinks in our Buzz palette help create a positive and joyful feel. Combining these with soft, toning neutrals, such as Dulux Professional Colour of the Year 2023, Wild WonderTM, can create the kind of harmonious setting where people want to come together.

Wood Carving 30YR 49/097

St. Charles Street 90RR 28/245

Winter’s Silence 50YY 49/191

An impactful exterior


Inspired by nature’s bustling biodiversity, the complementary tones in the upbeat Buzz palette can bring a sense of joy and harmony to a building exterior. Painting rows of balconies in a variety of bright colors, alongside Wild WonderTM, can give any building stand-out and make it memorable.

Coastal Beige 90YR 51/109

Southern Tip 70YR 27/404

Winter’s Silence 50YY 49/191

Vandyke Red 50YR 15/377

Scottish Green 45YY 51/365

A space to come together


Inspired by tides, waves and the natural rhythms of the earth, the seashore colors in the Flow palette can revitalize a hotel dining space. Here, walls painted in different tones of blue cocoon the dining tables, while a wall painted in Wild WonderTM behind the breakfast barhighlights an area where people can come together.

Winter’s Silence 50YY 49/191

Whale Wall 21BB 12/077

A tranquil space to switch off


The restorative benefits of hospitality space can be heightened by using soft fluid colors. This pool area combines Wild WonderTM with warm neutrals from the Flow palette to create a calm and tranquil feel – an effect that blends perfectly with the clear water and blue skies.

Winter’s Silence 50YY 49/191

Zeppelin 30YY 46/036

Ghost Grey 17GY 68/005

[1] Why the Hospitality Industry needs Biophilic Design, Journal of Biophilic Design, 2021

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