From Vision to Reality: Elevate Projects with Dulux Professional India's Paint Solutions

Solutions for New and Repaint Projects

Whether you're embarking on a new construction venture or rejuvenating existing spaces through repaint projects, the right choice of paints can make all the difference. At Dulux Professional India, we are your partners in transforming visions into reality. Explore how our recommended paint solutions redefine new and repaint projects, ensuring that aesthetics, longevity, and beauty take center stage.

For New Construction Projects: Crafting the Foundation of Excellence

New projects are a blank canvas where dreams are crafted. Our curated range of recommended paint solutions is designed to enhance the essence of every project, from residential developments to commercial complexes. Experience how our paints contribute to defining architectural details, amplifying color schemes, and creating a cohesive visual narrative that reflects your vision.

 New Construction Projects New Construction Projects

Recommended Products for New Construction:

Dulux Professional Solitaire StainResist: An interior water-based, high-quality, and durable emulsion paint designed for walls, ceilings, and various surfaces. Its superior stain resistance against common household stains ensures long-lasting, pristine walls.

Dulux Professional Weathershield PU Flexx: A high-performance ultra-premium exterior emulsion paint powered by PU-MA and Silicon Technology. It offers excellent protection against weather elements, extreme rainfall, UV rays, and more. The Triple Defense technology provides superior crack, weather, and water resistance.

For Repaint Projects: Breathing New Life into the Familiar

Repaint projects breathe new life into familiar spaces, giving them a renewed sense of purpose. Our recommended paint solutions are chosen to rejuvenate existing environments while preserving their character. Discover how our paints revitalize interiors and exteriors, making them feel brand new and inviting once again.

Repaint Projects

Recommended Products for Repaint Projects:

Dulux Professional Weathershield PU Elastomeric: A premium exterior emulsion powered by Polyurethane Technology. It offers exceptional protection against weather, UV stability, and crack-proof technology that prevents water ingress. It also resists algae and fungus formation, maintaining the beauty of the house.

Dulux Professional Weathershield UltraClean: A high-performance exterior emulsion designed to protect surfaces from challenging weather conditions. Its unique formulation provides superior dirt resistance and prevents the formation of algae and fungus.

Dulux Professional Solitaire A1000: A water-based, durable, and washable emulsion paint with a rich matte finish. ProCoat Technology ensures excellent opacity and coverage, while ColourGuard technology keeps the color lasting longer.

Dulux Professional Weathershield Express: A primer and finish combination with High BondTM Latex system. It delivers a quality finish without the need for a separate primer, simplifying the process of transforming exteriors.

Dulux Professional Weathershield E1000: A high-performance premium exterior emulsion paint with a promise of five-year durability. Powered by ‘SunReflect’ Technology, it keeps surface temperature cooler and offers excellent protection against weather effects.

Dulux Professional India's recommended paint solutions are more than just colours; they're a testament to our commitment to excellence. Whether you're sculpting a new architectural masterpiece or breathing new life into existing spaces, our paints are the brushstrokes that enhance aesthetics and longevity. Collaborate with us to transform your projects into showcases of design brilliance and enduring beauty.

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