Human Centric Design

Human Centric Design

Dulux Professional can help you to create better public spaces with color and paint

Well-designed spaces can impact our behaviour and well-being. The use of color plays a vital role, a color-approach can vary per space and highly depends on the needs of the users in that specific space. Based on research, we believe it’s possible to design colorschemes that enrich and benefit various spaces and users. Dulux Professional’s mission is to add color to people’s lives. We aim to help specifiers to improve their projects by creating harmony between spaces and the people using them.

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Creating harmony between spaces and people


Color presents opportunities

Color applied in the right way provides strong opportunities. The built-environment, interior/exterior design, plays an important role in enhancing well-being and productivity

Office restaurant

Color solution

It’s possible to give direction for color use that works in different areas to benefits all users, with color design-solutions that improves the overall experience of buildings.

Office green

Easy to apply colour palettes

Based on research, we help to improve lives of your customers and their users, with easy to apply palettes for offices, education and health-care spaces that offer clear guidance.

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